Friday, 13 April 2007

THE THRILLS – So Much for the City (2003)

Nice, beautiful and simple songs results when five friends travel abroad from the cold land of UK to the sunny beaches of the west coast of USA and wrote the songs in complete relaxation. The Spanish names of the cities of the old Spanish colonies appear here, there and everywhere in the lyrics of the LP: Santa Cruz, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Big Sur.

Although the influences of the Beach Boys, and others bands from the flower revolutions in the sixties, it’s so obvious they don’t avoid his British references like the beatlesish phrases in “Your Love Is Like Las Vegas” : Don't you know, You're like Pete Best, Bitter after all these years, Just let it go. You can almost hear Liam Gallagher when Conor Deasy (the lead singer of the band) sings with the same hall vocal effects in “Big Sur” the words “hangin’ around …” (I try to remember the name of a side b or a demo song of Oasis when Liam sings the same words but I can’t).

US music references it’s more directly in “Big Sur” when they quote the main title of The Monkeys series, in the Burt Bacharach’s intro of the “Deckchairs And Cigarettes”, and in the slide guitar of “Hollywood kids”. But they never loose his British sounds; it’s so elegant to be a US group.

All the songs on the LP make references to the holidays in the beaches, some more explicit than others (“Don’t steal our sun”, “'Til The Tide Creeps In” and “Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far)”) where all the concept it’s maybe resume in the lyrics of last songs, the hidden track called “Plans”: the girl travel to the city and he didn’t follow her but asked her to come home, to the holidays …

A couple of slow songs, a couple of more rocker songs, but the all lp sounds like one big song, little details it’s not enough to make remarkable differences between them, whatever this it’s not necessary a critical point, but sometimes it’s a little boring.

It’s a nice record to listen without your shoes on a warm day with the sunset on the ocean holding a glass of white wine.

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