Friday, 27 April 2007

JEFF BUCKLEY – Grace (1994)

A beautiful and emotive voice not necessary gives you a beautiful and emotive record; maybe the karma of Jeff Buckley (the son of cult songwriter Tim Buckley) was to be bigger of the tragic legend of his father, include his own death.

A very ambitious musical work, great arrangements, sometimes a rock band, sometimes just music, but always a big vocal expression, a fatuous vocal expression that give the feeling that he use the songs just like a way to demonstrate his musical capability.

In the songs “Grace”, “Last Goodbye”, “So Real” and “Eternal Life” Buckley tried to be a rock singer, but his pretensions not let him reach the feeling that other rock singers reach at that time on classic rock ballad, like E. Vedder on “Black”, B. Corgan on “Disarm”, C. Cornell on “Black Hole Sun”, L. Stanley & J. Cantrell on “Down in a Hole” or the most famous performance of K. Cobain for the MTV Unplugged.

But all his sins are forgiven thankful to his interpretations of the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah”, where he put his talents to the service of the song, maybe this was possible because he not wrote this.

Next song after Cohen cover is “Lover, You should’ve Come Over”, less haughty than the first tracks sounds like the perfect equilibrium between his talents (and his karma) and the interpretation that the song demand (of course, if you believe that some songs demands some kind of interpretations, because the lyrics, the melody, his history…). You can find this perfect equation on “Corpus Christi Carol” (Lyrics freely after anonymous 15th century text, melody by B. Britten) and “Lilac Wine” of J. Shelton (but originally performed by Elkie Brooks, but actually inspired to the version sung by Nina Simone), both cover songs.

Another chapter are the opened and the ended tracks: “Mojo Pin” and “Dream Brother” that Buckley wrote in cooperation with a friend and members of his band respectively. In these songs we can recognize an original sound, a musical style, a kind of lyrics, a beautiful voice work, definitively the essential of Jeff Buckley music.

It’s a shame the fate of his blood, Buckley (like his father) died young, Jeff at the age of 30 years old… maybe his soul knows that his first album was finally the last and for this reasons he tried to put all the universe only in one hour.

A post album appears a couple years after with some lost songs.

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